Power Handle

The ergonomic handle that started a gardening revolution: Minimize strain and maximize your results in the garden

Ergonomic Design

  • Applies body weight directly over tool attachment for perfect leverage and balance
  • Reduces muscular and skeletal stress for fewer aches and pains
  • Non-slip, weatherproof gripping surface eliminates blisters
  • Allows 360 degree range of motion for more power in your cultivating, digging and aerating
  • Slip-proof foot rest adds safety

An Essential Part of the Perfect Garden Tool System

  • Quick-Snap Tool Connector provides easy change-out of tool heads
  • Powder coated carbon steel for lasting beauty and durability
  • 250 lb. maximum torque capacity

Price: $40.00

Included in the Perfect Garden Tool Set and Perfect Patio Set

Watch it in Action: Video Tutorial