3-Panel Perfect Garden Tool System Tool-Tote

Conveniently carries and stores The Perfect Garden Tool System attachments

An Essential Part of the Perfect Garden Tool System

  • Includes Kneeling Pad and Replacement Pin Pak
  • Equipped with hand and shoulder straps
  • Has an exterior sleeve for carrying/storing the Power Handle
  • Hangs on the wall
  • Manufactured from commercial grade, high impact canvas

Custom Three-Panel Design

  • Panel One: Stores the 4-Prong Cultivator, T-Handle and Replacement Pin Pack
  • Panel Two: Stores the Garden Spade, Garden Trowel, Power Planter and Kneeling Pad
  • Panel Three: Stores the Bow Rake, 2-Headed Hoe, 3-Prong Aerator and Power Extension
Price: $40.00

Included in the Perfect Garden Tool Set

Watch it in Action: Video Tutorial